Baby Development Month by Month: Month 7

The seventh month can be a mixture of frustration for a baby who can’t quite move where they want to go and excitement as they discover new things.

Growing and developing

At 7 months your baby will know what he wants but won’t have the motor skills – the mobility and dexterity – to get it. This can be frustrating for him and he’ll let you know it.

He’s not likely to be crawling yet but will be able to get himself into a variety of positions on the floor – although he won’t always know how to get out of them again.

Babies whose arms are stronger than their legs find it easier to go backwards rather forwards, while others adopt the commando crawl position trying to move on their tummies rather than their knees.

Other babies may just prefer to watch the world go by and baby talk with you. He’s likely to be sitting well without too much support, but he’ll still need you to keep an eye out as his balance isn’t perfect.

At 7 months, he’ll be beginning to understand the idea of ‘object permanence’ – that things still exist even if he can’t see them – for example, the toy you hide behind your back. He also may have learned how to wave goodbye.


Because the world is so exciting he may object to being put to bed even when he’s tired. Use your voice to soothe him, but get him used to being able to settle himself. Babies who haven’t slept through may sleep longer thanks to solid food.


He’ll be eating a range of solid food now and enjoying the experience of discovering different tastes, flavours and textures. You may need to offer the same food several times before he begins to get used to the new taste, so be patient. He may be able to start using a 2-handled cup or a beaker, but could still need help from you.

Caring for your 7-month-old

Your baby may start to have separation anxiety when you’re not there.  If you’re leaving him, keep goodbyes short and ask his caregiver to distract him as you leave. He’ll probably stop crying a few minutes after you leave – so don’t worry.

Playing with your baby

Your baby doesn’t know what he is and isn’t allowed to play with, so put things you don’t want him to touch – like your phone – out of his reach. Try hiding his toy under the edge of his blanket and see if he finds it. He may start to be able to understand size differences so stacking cups could be fun.

You this month

You may get anxious if you see your baby get upset when you leave even to go into another room – or you may be delighted by how much he needs you. Whichever it is, it will help your baby if you reassure him without too much fuss.

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Did you know..?

Your baby might get his first teeth around now. The bottom 2 front teeth, called the lower central incisors will come first. Don’t worry if there are gaps, as they tend to disappear when all baby teeth have emerged.

How dads can help

Action songs and nursery rhymes help with memory and listening so learn some to do with your child.

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