Baby Development Month by Month: Month 10

Your baby might be starting to wobble their way from standing to walking this month. Read about this and other 10-month milestones.

Growing and developing

If your baby is very mobile, she’ll be pulling herself up and cruising round the room using the furniture to grab hold of. She may even walk towards you when you hold her hands.

You need to be on hand to help and have nerves of steel when she begins to let go for the first time.

Her co-ordination has improved and she’ll be able to hold something in one hand and do something else with the other hand.

Your baby’s personality is continuing to emerge. She may smile at everyone she sees or be shy, hiding when she encounters strangers. She may be adventurous or contented by what’s around her.

She’s beginning to understand more and more words, so if you say “daddy” or “dog” she may point at the right thing. She can follow simple instructions like “wave bye bye” or “clap hands”.

She’ll be looking carefully at your reactions to situations and events. She’s likely to copy you.


If she was having 3 naps she may be down to 2, or even 1. She’ll show signs of tiredness, including yawning, rubbing her eyes and grizzling. But hopefully being awake longer during the day will mean she’s sleeping longer at night.


With growth beginning to slow down, her appetite may decrease. She’ll start to show some food preferences, but continue to offer her a variety of different kinds of food and textures. Encourage her to feed herself.

Caring for your 10-month-old

Your baby is beginning to understand some of what you say – so talk to her as much as possible to help her language development. If she’s trying to say something and hasn’t quite got it yet, repeat it subtly, for example by saying: “that’s right, that’s the cat”. So give praise and help rather than telling her she’s made a mistake.

Some babies start biting at this age – make sure you discourage this behavior early on.

Playing with your baby

Encourage her to experience different smells. Take her outside to smell flowers and grass – or find some smells in your home for her to experience and describe them to her.

You this month

Your baby is getting bigger and heavier – make sure you protect your back by alternating sides if you carry her on your hip, lowering the cot side to pick her up, and bending from the knees rather than the waist.

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Did you know..?

At around 10 months many babies are beginning to shake their heads to say “no” and may recognise their own name.

How dads can help

Don’t get into the habit of leaving everything for your partner to do. Helping out will mean she doesn’t feel so tired and will have more time to spend with you.

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