Baby Development Month by Month: Month 6

Major milestones now your baby is half-way through their first year

Growing and developing.

Your baby may be starting to sit up on her own now. If she’s doing this, surround her with cushions and keep a careful watch for when she topples over. Not all babies sit up at this stage – some aren’t interested in doing it until after they crawl.

She’ll also be happy to try standing if you hold her by the hands or under her armpits and help support her weight. It will help strengthen her legs too.

Rolling over is another new motor skill your baby is learning. She might surprise herself when she does it the first time. Some babies will roll over and over to get to where they want. You may start to see the first signs of wanting to crawl with your baby going from her tummy to her knees and hands. She’s likely to be grabbing objects like toys and pulling them towards her. She’ll be getting more vocal, trying out new sounds and practicing them.


Babies can sleep for 6-8 hours at a stretch at night, but will still need daytime naps. As the world is so interesting, your baby might to resist sleep.

To get her used to settling herself, try putting her down when she’s sleepy but not asleep. She may roll over in her sleep but still put her down on her back.


Many babies start on their first solid food at 6 months. It’s a good idea to introduce new foods one at a time so you can check your baby is not allergic. She’ll still need plenty of milk.

Caring for your 6-month-old

With your baby starting to roll over, make sure you don’t leave her unattended on a bed or a changing table. She’ll put everything in her mouth so keep any potential choking hazards out of reach – for example older children’s toys that have small parts. Reassure your baby when she meets new people, so she knows she’s safe. Your baby is learning that yelling will get you to notice her. Remember to reward good behaviour with attention too so she doesn’t get into mischief to get a reaction from you.

Playing with your baby

·         Put toys just out of reach to help her start crawling.

·         Let her look at herself in an unbreakable mirror.

·         Shake a rattle behind her head and see her turn round and grab it.

·         Point to her nose, then your nose, her mouth then your mouth and so on.

You this month

Hopefully, you’ll be less tired as you’ll be able to sleep longer at night. With your baby learning to laugh you’re likely to have fun with her – so make the most of it.

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Did you know..?

Babies with lighter-coloured eyes can go through several shifts in colour in their first few months but by 6 months they will have settled on their final shade.

How dads can help
Now your baby is starting on solids you can help more easily with feeding. It’s an interesting time as your baby discovers new tastes.

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