Causes of Milk Rash

Milk rash or Atopic Dermatitis is shown in the form of red spots on your baby’s cheeks.

Because it is called as milk rash,  many people think it is a skin disorder caused by breastfeeding .  In fact , milk rash is not caused by breastfeeding.

Milk rash is commonly experienced by infants with parents who have a history of allergies.  The rash can occur in breast-fed babies after their mothers consume food allergens such as eggs or chicken.  This can be different for each person.  In addition , milk rash can also be triggered by air pollution, heat, dust mites or tiny germs in the air or objects in the home such as pillows and blankets .

Milk rash can by itchy.  Because of its location on the cheeks, milk rash is easily scratched by your baby’s hand.  This could trigger a rash that blisters on the skin and cause open sores.  These sores can let in bacteria and cause further infections.

Prevent and treat.

  1. The first step to avoid milk rash is to avoid the triggers. For example, if the rash is being caused by breastmilk, you should try to avoid consuming food that can trigger allergies.
  2. When your baby has milk rash avoid bathing with warm water as this can make the skin more dry and therefore more itchy.
  3. Apply a gentle baby moisturiser to the cheek to keep the skin dry
  4. Do not scratch the cheeks even if they baby appears to be itchy
  5. If the rash has spread from your babys cheeks and they are suffering with a fever too you should consult your doctor

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