10 Pregnancy myths – busted

There is so much advice about what you should and shouldn’t do when pregnant, you can easily get confused. To make it easier, we have a few myths you can safely ignore.

Pregnancy myth 1: You can’t eat seafood when you’re pregnant

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, and studies show it is beneficial for pregnant women and their growing babies. Stay away from mackerel, shark, tuna, tilefish or swordfish though.

Pregnancy myth 2: You shouldn’t have sex while pregnant

As long you and your partner are comfortable having sex while pregnant and your doctor hasn’t said otherwise, there’s no reason why your baby will be harmed in any way.

Pregnancy myth 3: You need to eat for two

You need an extra 300 calories a day while you’re pregnant. Feeling tired will make your body want to consume more calories. If you feel hungry, focus on healthier foods like more fruit and veg.

Pregnancy myth 4: You must eat three meals a day
Eating six small meals during day will keep your blood sugar at a constant level which will help you avoid having a slump around 3pm which is better for you and your baby. And whatever you do, don’t diet. Keep your meals balanced and healthy.

Pregnancy myth 5: You can’t dye your hair

Chemicals from hair dye and relaxers are absorbed through the skin only in very small amounts, so you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re worried, wait until your first trimester is over. Your hair may also be more fragile while you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy myth 6: You can’t drink coffee

There’s no evidence that a small amount of coffee will hurt your baby. It is, however, a stimulant and overdoing it can cause you to have a racing heart. So consider limiting yourself to one small cup a day.

Pregnancy myth 7: You can’t fly in the last four months of pregnancy
It won’t harm you or your baby. And the body scanners are also perfectly safe.

Pregnancy myth 8: You should avoid exercise
Exercise will benefit you and your baby. Babies whose mothers were physically active while pregnant are born with heart rates that are slower and more variable, which is a sign of heart health.

Pregnancy myth 9: You’ll only feel sick in the morning

Unfortunately, describing the nausea many pregnant women feel as ‘morning sickness’ isn’t accurate – you might feel sick at any time of the day. Eating small meals throughout the day can help.

Pregnancy myth 10: Your baby isn’t affected by what’s going on around you
This is inaccurate. The air you breathe, the noises you hear and stress you experience are all experienced by baby too. But don’t worry, some stress is not going to be harmful to your baby, in fact a little bit of stress can be good for you both! But smoky or polluted environments are a bad idea.

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