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6 useful tips for tackling a fussy eater

Concerned about your toddler’s eating habits? Here are some useful tips to get poor or fussy eaters to try to enjoy their meals Avoid confrontation at the table If they reject their dinner, just take the food away without saying anything. Forcing your toddler to eat is likely to have the opposite reaction. If your […]

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Myths About Breastfeeding

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After you give birth there will be lots of advice given about breastfeeding.  However, not all advice is good advice! Here are some myths around breastfeeding: Myth : Women who drink breast milk can multiply her milk supply. Fact : You can maximize your milk production by increasing the frequency of breastfeeding and expressing milk. […]

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Pregnancy Facts & Myths

Once you become pregnant it seems you become a magnet for advice and wild stories from friends, family and even strangers. All this information can be overwhelming, downright frightening and a lot of times misleading. Over time the topic of pregnancy has accumulated a lot of myths, old wives tales and superstition that is hard […]

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