Toddler Development: Speech

Most children speak their first words before they are one and continue to develop their speech so eventually they begin to form actual words and sentences. However, every child develops at a different rate and it is not uncommon for toddlers to have trouble with speech until they are between 1-2 years old. There are many factors which can cause late speech development in your toddler and there are also many ways in which you can help solve this problem.


It is believed that most of the causes of late speech can be a lack of exercise or sports or not playing and socialising with other children. Both of these are important factors to increase your toddler's confidence and to get her talking.


Some ways you can help her to learn to speak:

  1. Play together as often as possible
  2. Accompany your toddler when watching television. Talk to her about the programme to try and encourage a response.
  3. It is very important to encourage your toddler to go to play with other children her age. This will increase her both her confidence and her vocabulary.
  4. Always encourage children to communicate. Toddlers have the ability to replicate, so the child's vocabulary should increase with constant communication from you.
  5. Saying words clearly and correctly and repeating if necessary. Hearing the same words over and over will stimulate your toddler to try it herself.
  6. Use short sentences so that she can follow.
  7. Introduce the mother tongue in advance, try not to speak too many languages as she might get confused. Introduce one at first and later she will easily pick up another.
  8. If you are really worried about her development, go to see a speech therapist.

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    Thank a lot 4 educating us about dis

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    Thanks cussons for always educating us.

  3. Charity says:

    This education comes in very handy for we mothers who are experiencing it for the first time. One can also try reading short stories for the child