Pregnancy Month 9: Week 37 – Week 40

What’s happening to your body in month 9?

You probably won’t be putting on any more weight, but the size of your baby now means you might be feeling pretty uncomfortable.

At some point, your baby’s head may engage – drop down into your pelvis. You might feel a bit more comfortable if this happens as it will be easier to breathe. Don’t worry if it hasn’t happened yet – sometimes the head doesn’t engage until you’re in labour.

You’re probably wondering when exactly your baby will arrive, but it is not really possible to say. Only around 5% of babies are born on their due date, so it’s not very likely yours will be. But most are born within 2 weeks of it.


What’s happening to your baby?

At 37 weeks, your baby is considered to be full term and is ready to be born, but he’ll still be growing and maturing and you’ll still be able to feel him moving around.

He’s probably lost most of the Lanugo hair on his body, and he may have hair on his head. He’ll also be losing the protective coating of vernix that he’s been covered with. He has fingernails and toenails. His lungs are nearly fully mature.

He’s getting plumber and his skin is getting less wrinkly. He’ll probably weigh around 3kg and measure around 53cm.


How will you feel?

It is likely that you’ll be very fed up with being pregnant! You will probably be eager to meet your baby, but a bit apprehensive about the birth too. Knowing what is going to happen can make you feel more confident.


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