Pregnancy Exercises – What to do & what to avoid!

Exercise during pregnancy has many benefits – it can help keep you healthy and fit while pregnant, build your stamina for labor & delivery and also helps you stay in shape and reduce muscle and joint pains, common in pregnancy.

Light, easy and consistent exercising can do wonders throughout your pregnancy. The best exercise is walking, however there are some other exercises you can do, here is a  guideline on what to do and what to avoid while exercising during pregnancy:


What to do:

- Follow an exercise program that makes your muscles stronger.

- Begin with a simple five minute of stretching as a warm up, follow it with 15 minutes of easy cardio exercise. Next you can do some aerobic routines for 5 – 10 minutes and finally wrap it up with some gentle and easy stretching.

- Always dress comfortably in loosely fitted clothes and wear a bra with good support.

- Exercise on a flat surface and use a mat for added safety measure to prevent injury.

- Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Before, during and after exercise.

- Find the right shoes that are super comfortable and fit you well.

- After eating give it at least an hour before you start exercising.

- Eat over 300 calories more per day than before you were pregnant.

- Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes as well as a good support bra.

- Avoid floor exercises.

- Don’t overexert yourself. If you lose breath while exercising this means you are doing too much. Take it easy and keep it comfortable.


What to avoid? 

- Stay far from exercises that are too strenuous and difficult.

- Don’t hold your breath during the work-out.

- Keep away from contact sports like basketball, soccer and volleyball.

- Avoid activities where falling is probable like skiing, skating, horse-riding etc.

- It’s best to avoid exercises that involve extensive hopping, skipping or jumping.

- Don’t perform hard movements which involve deep knee bends, full sit-ups and leg raises.

- Do not exercise extensively followed by periods of dormancy and no exercise. Keep it consistent.

- Avoid exercising in humid and hot weather.


Stay happy. Stay fit!

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