Poll: How do you get your baby to Sleep?

Babies usually sleep between 12 to 20 hours out of every 24 hours. However, they don't always sleep when you want them to! Babies have no understanding of day and night so during the first weeks of life they will sleep and wake at random. Some Mums find it difficult getting their little one to sleep and don't have any ideas on what can help, which can be stressful for both mum and baby.


Vote now in our poll to share your advice and experiences with other Mums to help them through their journey.


What techniques do you use to get your baby to sleep?

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  1. Gloria Godwin Moses says:

    when i want my little princess to sleep i just give her a warm or cold bath depending on the weather after that she will sleep well


    I feed him to his satisfaction, bathe him and lie beside him with breast in his mouth

  3. Yvonne says:

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  4. Grace Okpalakunne says:

    Sometimes I breastfeed him to sleep, but most times, he likes to be put at my back and singing b4 he sleeps, and now he’s used to it. Until I put him on my back and singing for him, he wouldn’t sleep. But sometimes too he sleep on his own.

  5. Gloria Godwin Moses says:

    when i want my little princess to sleep i just bath her with warm or cold water depending on the weather then she will sleep for a long time peacefully

  6. preaty juliet says:

    I put baby to breast then he sleeps from there

  7. Nana Yaa says:

    I breastfeed my ill one n sing lullaby to her to put her to sleep

  8. mary anna says:

    i usually do a combination of playing soft music in a less lighted room as well as rocking my baby to sleep.

  9. alimatu salifu says:

    motherhood is awesome. babies always love to be held nd çomforted. my boy will always run into my arms when he wants I sleep. just make sure he’s satisfied

  10. Awo Yaa Hayford says:

    I make sure they have eaten well, give a warm bath or massage, them hold and rock to sleep singing a sweet lullaby, usually self composed

  11. Claudia says:

    I love this show

  12. Claudia says:

    If my son will sleep he will always let me scratch his back with my hand nd scratch his hair for him before he will sleep he wil always let me sing for him then go merry go around with him before he will sleep…

  13. Aisha ibrahim says:

    Thank you cussons baby for putting smiles on the faces of mothers. Cussons baby the best products for babies

  14. Trudy Andoh says:

    i usaully feed him to his satisfaction and bathe her after that i breastfeed her to sleep.

  15. Gloria Abakah Mensah says:

    My girl sleeps when I put her on my chest with her thumb sucking. Immediately she falls asleep,I remove the thumb n place it with the breast nipple to breastfeed so she can sleep better and for some hours.

  16. Gloria Abakah Mensah says:

    When I want my girl to sleep, I give her bath n put her on my chest wit her thumb sucking. Immediately she falls asleep I remove the thumb and breastfeed her to sleep better

  17. Maame kunadu says:

    It’s simple I but him on ma shoulder n sing for him when he sleeps then I put him in his bed

  18. Elsie Todd says:

    Rocking them always works for me

  19. Mr's Mavis Sarkodie says:

    Please I use to change my baby diaper four to five times @night.please is it normal?

    • Cussons Baby says:

      How old is baby? And how well is baby feeding at night? If baby is quite young and breastfeeding well, drinking well then that’s alright. Frequency decreases as bladder control is attained.