Menstruation after childbirth

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When should you expect your periods to start again after you’ve had a baby? What’s normal? And what’s not? We answer the questions all new mums have.

When will I get my period again after I’ve had a baby?

There’s no definite answer to this as it varies from woman to woman. It’s also affected by whether or not you’re breastfeeding.


If you’re breastfeeding during the day and night, your period might not start until your baby is feeding less. If you’re bottle feeding your baby and not breastfeeding at all, your period can come back as little as 5 weeks after the birth. And if you’re doing a mix of both, your period might come back at around 12 weeks. But these are only generalisations – what’s normal covers a big range.


I started bleeding immediately after the birth. Is this a period?

No. This bleeding after the birth is your body getting rid of the lining of your womb. It’s called the ‘lochia’ and can last between 2 to 6 weeks.


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Is it true that my periods won’t come back while I’m breastfeeding?

Some women find that they don’t get a period until they stop breastfeeding completely, and it’s generally the case that the more you breastfeed, the longer your period will take to come back.  This is because of the hormones involved in making breast milk.


But everyone is different, and some women get their period back even though they’re breastfeeding.



Can I get pregnant before my periods start again?

Yes! Your body releases an egg about 2 weeks before your period starts – so even if your period hasn’t returned yet, you need to use contraception when you have sex to be on the safe side.


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What will my first period after the birth be like?

For many women, periods after the birth can be very heavy.


But if you’re breastfeeding, you might notice some very small amounts of blood at first – this is called ‘spotting’ – and your periods might be irregular.


I’ve got blood clots in my period. Is this normal?

Having blood clots in your first periods after giving birth isn’t usually anything to worry about. But you should see a health care professional if it goes on for a week or more.


Do periods change after you’ve had a baby?

They can do. Some women find that their periods are lighter or heavier than they were before they had a baby.


Is there anything that I should see a healthcare professional about?

Get medical advice if your periods are very, very heavy or if you’re not fully breastfeeding and they become irregular.


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  1. I had my menses three months after birth. Is it normal?

  2. I give birth in September and since then every month I Av been seeing my period.I comes twice a in a week or 3days in a week and it comes heavy pls is it normal or not please help me.