Live Q&A Session with our Expert (November 2014)

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Each month we host a Live Q&A Session with our Baby Expert, so Mums can ask questions and get advice to help them through their journey.


Q: Please what should an overdue pregnant woman do if she is not ready for CS can she stop seeing a doctor for pressure sake till she is in labour?

A: The baby in the tummy or uterus for that matter cannot stay or live for more than 42 weeks or 9 completed months which you people call it 10 months. As the months are adding so is the placenta becoming weaker and weaker.


Q: So if so what is the suggestion?

A: Kindly see your health care provider in such a case.


Q: My two months and three Weeks old baby has phlegm in her nose which is always blocked and heat rashes. What can I do?

A: Use normal saline drops for her nostrils and Cussons cares and protects cream in a small yellow container for the rashes.


Q: Please where can I get The Cussons Baby care and protect cream?

A: Hi, it is now available in most retail shops across the country.


Q: My 15weeks old healthy baby boy can’t poop on his own. I have to enema him before. This started when he was eight weeks. Is it normal? Doctor prescribed castor oil belly massage. Another prescribed milk of magnesia. None of the above is working.

A: Please are you breastfeeding exclusively? Enema is not good at all for the baby you can give him fresh squeezed or pureed fruits like pawpaw, oranges or apple


Q: Can u get pregnant 2months after birth.

A: Yes you can


Q: Please what treatment can I give to ma stretch marks, they are very painful especially the one below my abdominal part.

A: Yes that part stretches a lot especially after birth. There are on the counter drugs so get to a good pharmacy shop and you will surely get one.


Q: Please I need your help. I gave birth 4 months ago through CS but haven't still seen my menses since then. So I want to ask that will I get pregnant if I have sex?

A: Yes you can get pregnant because you ovulate before you menstruation.


Q: What are the indications of greenish stool in a 3 months old baby?

A: Under fed babies usually produce greenish stools. Sometimes, infection can also be a cause.


Q: How long does it take to stop bleeding after delivery?

A: Between 2-3 weeks from Red blood to pink then cream.


Q: Please if for 6months a normal lady has not had her period, what could be e problem thank u

A: She could be pregnant. Or if she is breastfeeding then that could be a contributing factor. If none of the above applies, then we advise she sees a Gynaecologist as soon as possible.


Q: Please I had cs 6months ago. The cut itches a lot, why? Also, I went to do family planning about 6 months ago but my period has not come, why?

A: About the itch, it is normal but do apply some robbin alcohol on it. If you want to take the family planning, see your health specialist who will take you through scans and examinations to detect whether or not you are pregnant.


Q: Please, I’m a working mom and my boy is 1 year 4 months old. Can I stop breastfeeding him since he eats solid food?

A: Not advisable but, in extreme case, you can stop breastfeeding.


Q: Hello, please how long does a lump in the breast due to mastitis take to heal?

A: It takes a while due to the presence of breast milk. A lactating mother as such should do well to take all prescribed medications and take a good diet always especially, Vitamin C to help speed up healing process.


Q: I have three operations and one baby. How many chances more do I have when it comes to child birth?

A: Very sorry but I think you should discuss it with your doctor you might be given a last chance and the interval between the third and fourth should be about 2 years and beyond.


Q: Can a pregnant woman lie on her back?

A: No please... Depending on the months, if the tummy is out, it is not advisable to do so.


Q: Am 7 months pregnant .I can’t eat well but I take in more water...will I give birth to a small baby?

A: No please. The baby takes whatever he/she needs. Just take your medication regularly and make a conscious effort to eat healthy balanced meals.


Q: Will I get any side effects if I put on pencil heels after some months of delivery.

A: Depending on the type of delivery, if it is a normal delivery then there will be no problem but if it is a CS, then one must await a while before wearing long heels.


Q: Can I get my flat tummy back after giving birth by caesarean

A: Depending on the number of times you have had the CS and also depending on your body size, it may take longer or not to get back your flat tummy. We advise that you undergo some physical exercising to help as well.


Q: Again my baby only sleeps when he is on his belly, please what can I do?

A: You need to monitor him very well and try not to put any extra clothing for him to pull and cover his face.


Q: Please I want to do exclusive feeding but my work does not permit me can I give water but not food.

A: You could be expressing it even at work and store in the fridge for 3 days or freezer for three months and on the table for 8 hours.


Q: My baby is six (6) but still snores when she sleeps. What can I do to stop this?

A: This could be from enlarged tonsils. Please consult an ENT specialist.


Q: My boys stomach sounds “kroooo” when am feeding him. What should I do?

A: This is actually normal however to stop it, we advise that you breastfeed the baby as frequently as possible. Help the baby burp after feeding.


Q: Can a pregnant woman lie on her back?

A: No it’s not advisable especially when the tummy is becoming big.


Q: Please when can I start taking dewormer after birth?

A: Until you stop breastfeeding.


Q: Please my girl is 8months old. She is crawling and even making attempt to stand but she does not want to eat. Please what can I do?

A: Try and change her menu for her and give her variety


Q: My eight months baby girl does not eat well, she has lose weight as compared to her early weight, I gave her a multivitamin syrup but she is still the same and I have already introduced new solid foods to her, please what do I do?

A: Please try other solid foods to see. If you are still worried, please see a nutritionist.


Q: When should one expect her menstrual flow back after birth?

A: It often depends on the individual. It could start as early as 4 weeks after delivery or as late as 2 years.


Q: Please can I take folic acid after birth? I gave birth 3 weeks ago and how many grams can I take or is not good to take it?

A: 5 mg is ok please.


Q: Is there something like pre-natal depression? And if there is, what are its symptoms?

A: There is pre-natal depression but they come in different forms. (Becoming reserved, not Eating, Not keeping oneself neat/ poor personal hygiene)


Q: What are the effects or disadvantages of fetal distress?

A: The disadvantage for the mother is that, the mother may have to go through CS instead of normal delivery. The effect on the baby is that, it could lead to infections, suffocating of baby and even sometimes death of baby.


Q: Can the ABGAR Score of 1'6, 5’8 affect the colour of a new born?

A: Yes it does because the first one is for skin and 1 out of 5 is not good.


Q: How many months or years should we stop breastfeeding our babies please?

A: Two years and beyond.


Q: How long does it take for breast milk to stop flowing when u stop breastfeeding?

A: Depending on the way you used if it's by drugs it should take some few days but by just wearing baby off it will take about 2weeks


Q: I delivered then excessive bleeding so condom tamponade

A: Fissures acquired through delivery is treated by the obstetrician gynaecologist.


Q: Please is it good for newly born baby to sleep in an air conditioned room?

A: It depends on the individual or temperature the individual can adapt.


Q: I want to ask, it’s been six months since I gave birth. My blood stopped after four months. Does it mean I’m pregnant? I feel pains in my abdomen as well?

A: Sometimes when you are breastfeeding your menses delays but you still have to take a test.


Q: I have stop taking my pregnacare plus drugs since I was 37 weeks n now am 41 weeks hope it's won't affect my child in anyway.

A: Please start talking it because you will continue even after delivery.


Q: My kids are 1year but still wake up to breastfeed before day break. What will I do for them to sleep through the night?

A: Feed them well during the evening.


Q: My nine month old baby has skin rashes on her body and we went to de hospital severally for treatment but to no avail what do I do?

A: Please use Cussons cares and Protects cream and the baby antiseptic too.


Q: Please when my 13 months girl urinates; she cries and I want to find out: what is the possible cause of that effect?

A: It could be infection urine test could identify the type of organism causing it.


Q: My boy doesn’t get the breast milk only small. Will something happen to him?

A: Why is he not getting the breast milk? If it's a special reason please give nan1 instead.


Q: My seven month old baby poopos once or twice a week, is it normal?

A: It's not normal. Give your baby a lot of roughages like porridge, fruits, etc.


Q: What solid food can I start when I baby turns six months.

A: Please read our article here: Baby Feeding


Q: A pregnant woman who has glucose in her urine should avoid what kind of food?
As a pregnant woman she finds it difficult to sleep, what will she do that will enable her to sleep?

A: She needs to see a dietician and secondly, avoid afternoon naps and try to take warm beverages before sleep.


Q: Please my baby is 4 months and doesn't want to take anything just water what should I do?

A: Please give her breast milk.


Q: Can I know d symptoms of pregnancy?

A: We have positive and possible signs the possible ones are vomiting, heaviness of the breast, general weakness nausea, feeding feverish and the positive signs are feeling of movement of the baby.


Q: My grandson has rashes on his forehead, what should I use?

A: Please use the cares and protects cream in the yellow container.


Q: My ten month old don't like to eat anything expect breast milk and baby formula please what should I do?

A: Some babies are lazy in eating so you need to create any atmosphere where baby can like playing of favourite music, trying to eat some of the food pretending its delicious etc.


Q: My one year seven month girl still refusing to eat anything apart from drinks?

A: We have fussy babies and it’s really disheartening but don't give up keep on trying you will definitely find something for her.


Q: Please my baby is now 1year 6months, what milk should I give to her?

A: We have milk for the toddlers in various supermarkets.


Q: I’ve tried several of the recipes you post but it seems ma son does not like it. He's 8month. What do I do?

A: Have you read our article on baby's solid food.


Q: My 2 months old boy poopoo once a week, is it normal?

A: It depends on what the baby is taking. If it's exclusive, it's normal.


Q: How long does it take for my breast milk to dry up after weaning my baby?

A: Hello, it depends on how you did it. Some will take drugs to dry up but if not, it takes about two to three weeks to dry up.


Q: I have twin girls too they are 1year and very adorable. I gave them Nah 1 from the beginning to support the breast milk.

A: It is advisable to stick to the 6months exclusive but if your work schedules won’t allow you or if you are not getting enough for both then you may add the Nan.


Q: Hi am 30 weeks now my nose are block because I take too much of cool water.

A: Hi, please stop taking the cold water.


Q: My baby vomits after 10 - 15 minutes whenever he eats food with formula.

A: What about without the formula? If yes then he is allergic to milk so try and soybeans powder for all his meals



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