Live Q&A Session with our Expert (December 2014)

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Each month we host a Live Q&A Session with our Baby Expert, so Mums can ask questions and get advice to help them through their journey.


Q: My baby is one year which food should I give her?

A: Hi, Kindly follow this link to read more: Baby Feeding


Q: Please can an eight month old baby take in milk?

A: Baby formula will be ok but not the normal milk for adults.


Q: Is it safe for a CS mother to get pregnant 10 months after delivery?

A: No it isn't safe please. It should be at least after 2 years.


Q: My baby boy sneezes a lot, please what can I do about it?

A: If it is a fresh baby then it is a normal reflex but if older, it could be an allergic reaction from perfume, clothing or the environment etc.


Q: The scan showed it's like fats there and I want to know if I can get something to make it disappear.

A: Eunice, it is best you get it removed with surgery since it could grow into something more serious later.


Q: Please I gave birth 6weeks ago but I had ma menses on the day we got 5weeks and I want 2 know if it’s normal and I gave birth through SVD?

A: It's normal please.


Q: My healthy baby spit up a lot of phlegms almost every Minuit. Doctor said its normal but I’m still confused.

A: Kindly see a paediatrician to check it out.


Q: Please I’ve sore nipple and it hurts so much. What can I do?

A: Hi, buy nipple cream from any pharmacy shop and try to latch baby well on the breast.


Q: Hi, I had my period on the 6th of this month but for the past 3weeks I find myself eating almost 5 to 6 times a day and feel weak and dizzy......and can’t sleep well. Please what do you think is wrong with me? Could it be possible that am pregnant?

A: Hi, it's too early let's wait for some few weeks.


Q: I’m getting close to my 7th month of pregnancy, I feel so much pain in my body especially my back, what sleeping position do you think would be best for me from now till my time is due please?

A: Feeling pain in your back is not alarming. It means the pregnancy is growing and the weight. You are supposed to sleep on your left.


Q: Please I used to have a flat tummy but with the pain I feel, will I get it back? I need my flat tummy what do I do please.

A: Will advise that you do a lot of physical exercises and also check you dieting.


Q: My little one crawls with his tummy on the floor, is it normal or will that prevent him from walking on time?

A: Hi yes its normal and won't prevent him from walking on time.


Q: Hi I also have the same problem but mine is like a movement in my tummy at the lower right side

A: Hi, the lower right side could mean so many things please consult a doctor.


Q: From day one my baby didn't suck my breast and he's now 3months old. Healthy as every baby Will it affect him in future?

A: Hi, just make sure he gets all his immunisation and give multivitamin drops and cod liver oil every day. For now the formula is the only option.


Q: What causes hiccups in babies? Can it be prevented?

A: Hiccups in babies are normal reflexes. It is a form of contractions on the diaphragm which is caused by irritation or stimulation. It helps with the maturing of the internal organs like the lungs etc.


Q: My son will be 9months tomorrow but no sign of the teeth. Why?

A: Hi, don't worry it will come out soon.


Q: What do I have to do to get a flat tummy after birth? To be able to maintain my shape.

A: Dieting and exercising. All the best


Q: Please how do I get rid of my stretch marks? I’ve already delivered.

A:Please visit any good pharmacy shop and ask for the cream. It takes time or might not be very useful.


Q: And please my baby likes kicking me too much...Small time it kicks. Why?

A: The kicks just means your baby is super active, congrats.


Q: Am 7 months pregnant, but my stomach is not growing big. And I don’t have that black line showing at my something wrong?

A: Hi, the black line doesn't show on everybody and baby starts growing big around the 34th week. Maybe you also, have a small tummy but please visit your health care provider.


Q: My baby skin is full of skin rashes all the time, why?

A: Hi, your baby might be allergic to the products you may be using for the skin, from the type of fabrics for her clothing, or the room temperature being too hot. Please use Cussons cares and protects products like the cream, soap, powder and wipes.


Q: My baby is 4 months now. He’s been crying so much since infancy till date. A lot of people said it’s hunger so I should give food instead of bread feeding for 6 months. Why does he cry so badly and what should I do?

A: Hi, you see the advice they gave you did not work! Please make sure you find solutions from the experts! Now back to your question there are babies like that so just try to endure he will stop.


Q: My baby always likes to stand but has not crawled. He is 7 months old. Can hold your cloth and stand. Will he crawl?

A:Just observe and encourage him.


Q: Please what healthy food can a 6 months old baby eat??

A: Your baby can eat tom brown with soya or groundnuts, pureed vegetables like kontomire with tomatoes and fish powder which can go with mashed rice, soft banku semolina etc.


Q: Please if you are pregnant when do you think you can go for scan?

A: Immediately you miss your menses.


Q: What is the best sleeping position in 34weeks?

A: Sleeping on your left side.


Q: I have tried so hard to be pregnant after three miscarriages but to no avail. Why?

A: Hi, you need to do a lot of tests. Please consult a gynaecologist.


Q: I have stopped breast feeding for 1 month now and milk still flows from my breast. What should I do?

A: Hi, please visit any pharmacy and they will help you.


Q: Please how many weeks do pregnant woman give birth?

A: Hi, from the 37 completed weeks to 40 weeks


Q: My boy is 2 months but he has started turning and sleeping on his belly is that normal?

A: Hi, you should be extra careful as this can be harmful.


Q: Please is it advisable to get pregnant when my baby is 2years old??

A: Hello, it's just right. All the best.


Q: Hi, please when is one supposed to get pregnant after c/s with a repaired uterus?

A: Please minimum should be 3 years.


Q: Which of your products is good for treating heat rashes on babies.

A: Hi, the cares and protects products like the cream, soap, powder and wipes. It's the yellow products.


Q: My baby was very white she's almost a year and her colour has changed.

A: Hi, yes some babies skin colour change whilst growing. You can also consult a skin specialist.


Q: My baby is 11 months old please tell me, which healthy food I can give him?

A: Please go on our website and read more on baby's solid food.


Q: Please I have three months old twins and I want to know whether I should give them porridge or nan1?

A: Please give her the milk.


Q: Hi my baby is eight and I think he is suffering from constipation. What do I do? I really feel bad when I see him suffering.

A: Hi, give him fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning.


Q: My boy is a year old and he has started school, he doesn’t take breast milk till I close from work late in the night. Please should I continue breast feeding or stop?

A: Sorry please continue their breast milk.
Q: When after C-section can a woman start having her menses again?

A: Any time from 6 weeks after delivery


Q: A friend wants to have her next baby but for now she is on progynova drug! Is it likely for her to get pregnant?

A: If your friend is still taking the progynova then she is not likely to take seed but if she wants to take seed, then she will have to get off the progynova.


Q: My 3 month old baby has had diarrhoea for a week now. She normally stools green but it's yellow and loose stool. What can help stop loose stool?

A: If your baby is breastfeeding exclusively then you should check your diet... it could be from what you are eating.
Q: My girl is 6 months old and she doesn't eat any solid food apart from porridge, please what should I do?

A: It is normal however, you can gradually introduce other foods such as baby formula and vegetable/ fruit puree.


Q: Please l want to ask if I can eat anything as pregnant woman?

A: Yes you can.


Q: Please I had stillbirth 7 months ago and I’m still not pregnant. Please what do I do? Can you help me with a drug aside folic acid?

A: We advise that you see a gynaecologist to assist you here. It's just a matter of time.


Q: My seven months old baby is having yellow slippery diarrhoea since three days ago and I don’t know what to do.

A: Please see the paediatrician right away.
Q: My baby doesn't sleep well n looks like he has a blocked nose. He is only two weeks.

A: This could be an allergy. Try to observe what in the baby's environment could be contributing to this. You could give normal saline drops to the baby. If it persists, see a paediatrician to assist further.


Q: My baby is about 6 months old. And I start to give some solid food like mash potatoes and mutton soup, sweet potatoes but now I feel that she doesn’t want to take more my milk breastfeed.

A: Please read out article on baby feeding.


Q: How do I clean a 1 year old baby’s teeth?

A: You can use tomato juice or glycerine on a cotton wool or soft towel to clean baby's teeth.


Q: How do I get more breast milk for my baby?

A: Kindly take in more fluids such as water, juice, mashed kenkey.


Q: My 11months old son still wakes to nurse about 5 times before day breaks, how can I night wean him?

A: Weaning baby off breastfeeding for just the night is not possible but you can wean baby off entirely.


Q: She is 5 months now....she “poopoo” every 3 days it normal....she has started taking in porridge though??

A: You should leave some of the fibre in the coco to aid in free bowel movement.  You may also give baby fruits and vegetable puree to help.


Q: Please how long can one get pregnant after you stop doing family planning? And does it make one put on weight?

A: Some do gain extra weight, getting pregnant after family planning mostly depends on the individual.


Q: My child is 9 months and she doesn't like food only breast feeding. What do you suggest I do?

A: Some babies can be a bit difficult in this way but you should not give up in trying. You have to try to get baby to eat other foods such as fruit and vegetable puree etc.


Q: I make my 3 months old baby bulge after breastfeeding but he always get bloated stomach. How do I make him relief?

A: You can give the baby gripe water to help.


Q: Please how do I enrich my breast milk?

A: Breast milk is already enriched however, you can take in more fluids and juice to help.


Q: What is the right age for a lady to get pregnant?

A: Up from one's matured age till around 40 years is ideal.


Q: How do I clean the 3 milk teeth my baby has?

A: You can use tomato juice or glycerine on cotton wool or soft towel to clean it.


Q: Please would like to know if baby powder darkens the skin of babies wen sneered on. And secondly kindly post meals one can prepare for toddlers

A: This mostly depends on the baby's skin type. One should study baby's skin to know how it reacts to various products.



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