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There is no greater blessing in life than having a baby; your life turns upside down, mostly in a good way. Along with taking care of baby’s feeding, bathing, sleeping and various other tasks, it is also important to take care of baby’s boredom. They can easily get bored once they pass the new born stage of sleeping and feeding all the time. A bored baby is an unhappy & fussy baby. Fear not! Here are some ideas that will keep your little one occupied and entertained.

  1. Babies love their own reflection: Place the baby on a play mat on the floor. They can be on their stomach and place a baby safe mirror or reflective toy in front of them. Ensure there are no sharp edges or hard material that the baby can bump their head on. Most baby stories will have toys with baby mirrors or reflective devices. Now sit back and watch your baby enjoy endless going gaga over their own reflections. This may be a good time to bring out that camera and click away!
  2. Sing and Dance: Babies love to hear songs even though they don’t make any sense to them. Play “itsy bitsy spider” “chubby cheeks” or other hand games with them. Make up your own songs for bath time, diaper changing time and feeding time. The baby loves to hear their parent’s voice and interaction with them. Sing a song and dance around the room with your baby. They will enjoy these gestures that make them feel comforted and loved and create wonderful memories for you both.
  3. Play Peek A Boo: This is a fail-safe method to entertain or distract a baby from a tantrum. Peek a Boo is one of the favorites for little kids, especially babies. Sit or lay the baby down and teach them to lift the blanket up and down himself/herself. Alternately hide your face behind the blanket or your hands. Enjoy the giggles
  4. Plastic keys or toys that rattle: Objects that make noises or sounds fascinate babies. Most toy stores have plastic key toys which double as teethers and make sounds. Baby rattles also are a good alternative. You may also give the baby a plastic cup and spoon to band and make sounds. They will thoroughly enjoy this activity.
  5. Most of all babies love you and Baby time: If all else fails, just lay and cuddle with the baby. They adore soft kisses and whisperings of sweet nothings in their ears. Holding your finger and looking into your eyes seeing the love will placate and soothe them. All the want is to be loved.

Cherish these times as they will go away in a blink of an eye. Time with the little ones is really precious; make sure you give them as much as you can. These shared memories will bring you joy for the rest of your life.

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