Irritation on Pregnant Mum’s Skin

Skin irritation is one pesky problem that you may encounter during pregnancy. An incredible itching sensation occurs for most women. The irritation is usually found in body folds such as; creases under the breasts, abdomen, groin, and armpits. These are the areas where the most friction occurs and as a result of your maternity weight, the rubbing increases causing irritation.


Where has the irritation come from?


A change in the levels of the hormones Oestrogen and Progestin in the body could be partly to blame for the irritation. If the outflow of bilirubin and bile acids from the liver are compromised, then the levels in the blood will be elevated, causing redness and irritation. The irritation can sometimes be eczema, even if you have not suffered from it before. It can develop, worsen or get better through pregnancy. Eczema is usually found in the folds of the skin; in elbow and knee creases.


How can I treat the irritation?


The treatment is quite simple, use a moisturiser or cream specifically designed for sensitive, pregnant skin as it will maintain the skin’s natural elasticity that you’ll need during the rest of your pregnancy. Try to find a moisturiser that contains Chamomile Extract to help soothe skin and reduce irritation. Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well as being a natural source against sensitive skin. Calamine Lotion is also good for irritation on pregnant skin as it provides a natural thin barrier over irritation to give it chance to heal.


Also try to cut back on taking warm baths and showers as too many can dry the skin out causing it to become inflamed. Using mild, natural soaps and moisturisers will also help the irritation as perfumed ones can cause rashes.


Scratching may be tempting but try to refrain. It can cause a lot more damage to scratch; the irritation could become infected and further treatment will need to be taken. A cream should ease the itchiness after a couple of days, so you won’t feel the need to scratch.


Try to wear loose clothing that isn’t too tight against irritated skin. Comfortable clothes will be much softer on the skin.


If after trying a cream the irritation still hasn’t gone away, consult a doctor.


Can Itchiness harm my baby?


Usually you and your baby are unharmed by irritated skin and rashes. After giving birth the symptoms should subside but in the very rare and severe case that it doesn’t, contact your doctor.


Source: Baby Centre & WebMD


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