How to keep your baby cool in hot weather

Your baby can’t communicate when they are too hot so it is your job to make sure they are at a comfortable temperature. Lots of problems can occur if your baby is too hot so we’ve got some tips on how you can keep your little one cool in high temperatures.



It might sound like an obvious one but too much clothing is a big cause in babies being too hot. Also tight clothing can cause a prickly heat rash to appear. This is when small pinkish-red bumps appear on your baby’s skin because they have sweat too much. Remove a layer or put your baby in looser clothing to reduce their temperature and stop her from overheating.


At Night

Night time is a notorious time in the day when temperatures can rise. Your baby can’t cool themselves down if they get too hot, so you have to be prepared for them. Remove any unnecessary bedding; a sheet should be enough to keep your baby warm at night.


In the day time, open windows and doors to create a breeze through the rooms and spread the fresh, cool air around. Also, try using a fan or air conditioning to spread a cool breeze throughout the room. Never put your baby next to the fan or air conditioner. A few hours before bedtime, put the fan or AC on so it is already a cooler environment when you put your little one to bed. Make sure you turn it off when you put your baby to sleep.


Throughout the day when the sun is hottest, close the blinds and curtains to block the heat and prevent the room from heating up.


Outdoor Activities

If you take your baby outside in the hot sun, make sure you time it wisely. Try to avoid the hottest time of day and shield her face from the sun as much as possible using a hat and seek out areas of shade as cover. As your baby gets older you can gradually start exposing her to more sun to build up the skin’s tolerance.


Your baby can lose a lot of water through sweating so constantly keep your baby hydrated in the hot weather.

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  1. Maame Ama. says:

    Hmm, my baby is 16months now and cannot contain heat for a minute.
    Whatever I’ll do, he gets off the bed to sleep on the floor covered with plastic carpet.
    We use sliding windows ND so our fan is always on too because of heat.
    We can’t leave them open too, bcoz of robbers.
    As soon as I turn the fan off, no matter how deep my boy will be sleeping, he has to wake up.
    Not until I switch it on, no sleep for him.

    When there is lights off, I have to cover him with a wet towel.