How to clip your baby’s nails

You’d be surprised how fast little fingernails grow; you’ll find you need to trim them several times a week. We’ve got some tips for keeping them short.

How to cut your baby’s nails

Even though they’re softer than adult nails, your baby’s nails can still be sharp, so you’ve got to keep them short to stop her scratching his face and yours.


The best time to cut your baby’s nails is while she is asleep. She won’t be wriggling, which will make the job much easier for you. After bath time is also a recommended time because her nails will be softer to trim. If you do have to cut your baby’s nails while she is awake, ask your partner or a friend to keep her distracted.

  • Making sure you have enough light, use a pair of baby scissors or clippers. If you’re using clippers face the pad away from the nail, careful to avoid nicking the skin.
  • Cut along the curve of the finger with one or two smooth motions and finish off rough edges with an infant nail file but don’t overdo it, your baby’s nails are very soft.
  • You want to leave a little of white showing so there’s less danger of cutting towards the skin of the nail.

Toenails can also be trimmed using baby scissors or clippers but you don’t need to worry too much about rough edges as their feet are covered more than their fingers.

It can be a daunting task, many mothers worry about cutting their little one’s skin but a lot do occasionally nip the skin. It’s okay if you do, just run the cut under cold water for about 20 seconds and then cover with a clean cloth.

If you are not comfortable using scissors or clippers on your little one’s nails you can keep them short by biting them down. It reduces the risk of accidentally cutting her skin and you can make her much more comfortable by turning it into a little game.

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