Encouraging Toddler Confidence and Independence

As your child grows, you may begin to worry that he is quite shy or isn't showing signs of confidence and independence. This is normal for you to feel, however we do have some advice on how you can encourage your child to be more independent.


The toddler stages of your child's development are some of the most important. This is the age during which he learns the quickest and begin to show his personality. It is also the age where you need to stop bad habits as soon as possible and encourage good behaviour and teach him independence.


Here are our tips of encouragement:

  1. Grow a sense of trust
    Basic trust is already established since infancy. However, now a toddler, your child needs positive feedback from you to know that he is doing well. That way the child will feel safe in his life. Children who feel secure, are bolder in tackling the challenges in front of him, as well as more independent in solving problems.
  2. Give concrete examples
    Give children an example of how to act. Children follow by example so make sure you are setting a good one. Parents who tend to have a closed personality, never doing anything new, never  challenging themselves, should not expect a toddler to grow into a brave and independent person. Teach your child through your own actions.
  3. Set Appropriate Limits
    Don't be afraid to let your child do wrong. Your toddler needs to experience things for himself so he can learn how to act in that situation later in life. If he learns something for himself he is more likely to remember how to act next time, than you telling him. However, make sure you set limits, don't let your child put himself in danger.
  4. Encourage confidence
    When your toddler does something good, encourage this behaviour. Positive responses will help his confidence grow.
  5. Do not give too much stimulus
    Try not to force too much on your toddler at once. He is learning everyday from the environment around him but putting too much pressure on his development can make him confused and angry if he gets something wrong. Make sure he is enjoying his development rather than making him grow up too fast, he will be much more confident and independent this way.

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