Trimester 1

Causes of Early and Late Abortion (Miscarriages)

What is a Miscarriage? Miscarriages are known as the unfortunately loss of a pregnancy before reaching 24 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes the cause of a miscarriage is unknown, it can be completely random and unintentional or it caused by a medical factor. Some medical conditions can put you more at risk of suffering a miscarriage and […]

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What You Need to Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Preparation Preparing for pregnancy should start at lest 3 months before conception. Once you have decided to have a baby, sex during pregnancy should be done not less than thrice a week. Getting Pregnant At intercourse about 300 million sperms are deposited in the vagina. Some survive whiles moving to the uterine tubes whiles others […]

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Changes During Pregnancy – 1st Trimester

A full term pregnancy goes through three trimesters: The 1st trimester occurs between weeks one (1) and thirteen (13), the second between weeks fourteen and twenty-six and the final lap from week twenty-seven till birth. During this period, hormonal changes affect almost all the organs. Some changes may start from the onset of pregnancy till birth but […]

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