Learn About Your Baby’s Growth in Year One

The first year of life is a crucial growth stage babies usually go through, and parents or guardians need to participate in this fascinating time from a helpless baby to a confident independent toddler.

As a new born, a baby hears and responds to noises, grip your finger tightly and suck vigorously.

A baby at birth is 3.4kg, assuming your baby was born around the estimated date of delivery; he could weigh anything between 2.5 - 4.5kg. Your baby’s weight is determined by your size, that of your partner, how much weight you gained during pregnancy and your general health. A baby is born with a lot of reflexes and at this stage tends to exhibit those like hiccups which occur because his breathing rhythm is still rather jerky and snuffling noises. This is from learning to breathe through his nose because his nasal passages are still small. Sneezing; this is also a way of cleaning the nasal passages to prevent dust from getting into your baby’s lungs.


First month: Baby tries to lift his head briefly while lying on his stomach. Turn his head towards you when you speak to him, and can focus on your face whilst feeding.


Second month: Baby will be able to smile, make cooling noises, and grasp a rattle for a few seconds if one is put in his hand.


Third month: Baby begins to recognize you, show some form of anticipation when he is about to be fed, by licking his lips. Baby enjoys looking at brightly colourful objects. At this stage a regular bedtime routine should have been introduced.


Fourth month: Your baby lifts his head up 90°, can cough out loud. Baby can sit up with help. Baby will start to reach out for interesting toys and often try to put them in his mouth. At this stage babies are fascinated by mirrors and so they focus on their images and chat to themselves.


Fifth month: This is when your baby is able to hold his head steady when upright, squeal with delight and be able to say vowel- consonants combinations such as “ah-oo”. Some babies could sit up with little or no help at this stage. Teething might start around this time.


Sixth month: Baby laughs, chuckles, squeal and scream with annoyance. Moves her eyes in unison and turns his head and eyes towards something that attracts him. Baby should be able to sit without help and is very chatty at this stage. Baby can be encouraged by her physical, social, and intellectual growth by nursing him in a stimulating environment and spending much time with him. Babies start to eat solids like mashed potatoes, mashed green leaves, mashed yam, rice etc.


Seventh month: Baby tries to feed himself with finger foods. He will be able to sit up and turn at the waist. Some babies may be able to stand or move steps. Baby now uses his fingers to grip things. Baby starts crawling at this stage.


Eight month: This is when baby starts being selective with people he wants to socialize with. Baby can pick up small objects such as a button with his hand. Baby at this stage can get himself into a sitting position from his stomach. Babies usually show interest in their genitals, they should not be made to feel bad. Introduction of reading should be done at this stage.


Ninth month: Baby can wave a goodbye, cruise around the furniture etc., start saying ma-ma and da-da.  Baby will be able to bite and chew very well.


Tenth month: You will discover that your baby has a great sense of humour. Tries playing hide and seek with you, dancing and singing familiar tunes. Baby can hold feeder cup to drink from it, roll a ball back to you. Learn to stand with little support.


Eleventh month: This is when your baby can stand on his own, take a step, respond to few simple commands, say his first word especially the name of the nanny or someone very close. A child is bound to fall while he learns to walk and your reaction shouldn’t make him loose his sense of adventure. Safe environment is crucial at this stage and parents or guardians are urged to take extra precaution during this stage.


One year: This time is very interesting as your baby begins to develop some skills like locking up doors, wearing older shoes, very curious and exploring, climbing chairs and small tables, pointing to the table if he is hungry or the bottle of water he wants etc. Babies at this stage are so mean with their food and it is normal. They should be prevented from biting or hitting others at this stage.

NB: all these developmental processes differ from child to child. Some are late developers whilst others are very sharp and smart.


For more information on your baby's first year, read our Guide on Caring for your Child in the First Year.

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