Alternatives to Breastfeeding

Every mother’s desire is to breastfeed her baby because it has enormous advantages and benefits to both the mother and the child. However, there are some circumstance where the mother should not and cannot breastfeed, especially when she has issues with medications. Do not be discouraged, there are many alternatives to breastfeeding you can try when feeding your baby.


When can't I breastfeed?

In some instances mothers find it hard to produce milk or are only producing small amounts of breast milk. If you feel as if you cannot breastfeed because of this, there are alternatives you can try.

Mothers on illicit or hard drugs should not breastfeed as it can cause serious harm to the baby.

Mothers with HIV virus pose danger to their children when they breastfeed. They could infect their babies through breastfeeding. In some case this could be allowed especially if the mother cannot afford child’s formula (both child and mother will have to be on anti-retroviral medication).

In this case, breast feeding should be exclusive. “Such a mother is not allowed to breastfeeding and use baby formula since it is not safe for the child”, noted by the Dietician, Mr. Nana Kofi Owusu.

Some mothers also have problems with breast milk production which is hormonally related.

Non breastfeeding babies are at risk of contracting infections since they do not get the protective ingredients present breast milk. It was stressed that, a non-Breast feeding mother should lose weight gained whilst pregnant, calories and fat should be a little reduced to avoid adding up to your weight!


Alternatives to Breastfeeding

There are many alternative methods to breastfeeding. Some women express pump their milk and bottle their baby. If you cannot let your baby have any of your milk or you are finding it difficult to produce milk, you can use baby formula milk. Formula milk contains the essential nutrients baby's get from breast milk.

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  1. Barbara Dwumfuor says:

    Whilst breastfeeding can I bath with cold water?

  2. I have a similar problem! I have tried several but my breastmilk isn’t enough! Which of the available baby formula is e best for him?

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Hello Afrah-Hemaa, If breast milk is not available, or mother makes a choice to stop breastfeeding and do formula or to mix breastfeeding with formula feeding, she has to choose a milk that is appropriate for baby’s age in this case, a formula that is for babies less than 6 months old.